Company Profile

proimages/about_us/profile.gif CaddyWave Technology was found in July 1988 with the business of producing beverage cups. The company progressively invested in new machinery to satisfy the market demand, and has expanded the product line into all kinds of food containers, including soup bowls, noodle cups, jelly cups, beverage cups, pudding bakery cups, and frozen food containers.

In order to maintain good relationships with our customers, we have invested in advanced technology to catch on the changing market demands. In addition to quantitative production of containers, we also engage in product research and development to provide customized products.

At this moment, we have invested over 10 injection machines to produce multi products with short lead time, and to reach high productivity and quality. 

CaddyWave was the first company which developed the in-mold labeling technology* in Taiwan. The material of container and label are both made with PP, an environmental-friendly material. The technology helps to save the cost and time on printing and rework on plastic shirking. Furthermore, it reduces the impact of second pollution and enhances the presence of product.

*In-mold labeling technology- put the label in the mold then injects the container out of the mold with the label at the same time, thus the label and container become one-piece. It will not apart by moisture or other factors.

Our quality policy

In order to pursue our product quantity and quality, we have invested vast amount of money on advanced equipments that are made in Germany and Japan. Meanwhile, we are also focusing on new technology development. Our product has been presented in the European and American markets. Furthermore, we have gained ISO9001 certification which ensures our product stability and reliability.

Our Environmental policy

CaddyWave is highly aware of environmental impacts. Thus, we focus on products made with PP material which causes minimum pollution to the environment. We also have the technology to produce the products with thin layers which saves the material used.

Our hygiene policy

Despite pursuing the best quality and environment protection, we also emphasize on maintaining hygiene during all of the production processes. We Invest new equipments with automatic quantity-calculation to keep the cleanness of products.

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